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Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Candidates

Our HDR candidates span a diverse range of backgrounds. Meet them below.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
    Aysha Abdul Majeed Principal Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan
    Co-Supervisors: Francisco Ben, Peggy Lynch

    Research Topic: "Mathematics Achievement Among The Lowest Attaining Students Through Thinking And Reasoning Approach"
    Aysha Abdul Majeed

    Colette AlexanderPrincipal Supervisor: Tania Aspland
    Co-Supervisor: Robert Herschell (External)

    Research Topic: "Emerging Paradigms and Metaphors for Teacher Education"
    Colette Alexander
    Rachel BleezePrincipal Supervisor: Margaret Secombe
    External Supervisor: Grant Rodwell

    Research Topic: "Singapore/Australian Comparative Education: History Curriculum: Critical Discourse Analysis"
    Rachel Bleeze
    Claire BloorPrincipal Supervisor: Margaret Secombe
    External Supervisor: Grant Rodwell

    Research Topic: "Comparative Education Curriculum Policy Studies"
    Claire Bloor
    Loretta BowshallPrincipal Supervisor: Margaret Secombe
    External Supervisor: Grant Rodwell

    Research Topic: "Who Owns The Practicum: Teacher Education in Transition"
    Loretta Bowshall
    Richard BurtonPrincipal Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan
    Peggy Lynch

    Research Topic: "Math Education"
    Richard Burton

    Elizar Principal Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan
    Co-Supervisor: Peggy Lynch

    Research Topic: "A Mixed Ability Approach: Promoting a Character Building Education, Enquiry and High Mathematics Achievement"

    Andrew HartiganPrincipal Supervisor: Anthony Potts
    Co-Supervisor: Nina Maadad

    Research Topic: "Language Learning Opportunities Through Student-Teacher Interaction"
    Andrew Hartigan
    David IsaacsonPrincipal Supervisor: Edward Palmer
    Cate Jerram,
    External Supervisor: Phillip Uys

    Research Topic: "Evidence - Based E-Learning Design"
    David Isaacson
    Garry JonesPrincipal Supervisor: Tania Aspland
    Co-Supervisors: Igusti Darmawan, Jennifer Rosevear

    Research Topic: "An Investigation of Factors Relating to Choice of and Access to Music University Study"
    Garry Jones

    Susan KennedyPrincipal Supervisor: Margaret Secombe
    External Supervisor: Hossein Esmaeili

    Research Topic: "Pedagogy of the State Less"
    Susan Kennedy
    Michelle LaciaPrincipal Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan
    External Supervisor:, Francisco Ben

    Research Topic: "Classroom Practices in Mathematics: Effects on Elementary and Secondary Students Achievement in Region Xll Philippines"
    Michelle Lacia
    Alex LovatPrincipal Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan
    Co-Supervisors: Chad Habel, Tania Aspland, John Keeves

    Research Topic: "Evaluation of Entry Pathway(s) into University for low SES Entrants"
    Alex Lovat
    Che Yee LyePrincipal Supervisor: Michelle Picard
    Co-Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan

    Research Topic: "A Model of Charge: Comparing Australia and Malaysia ESL Curricular "
    Che Yee Lye
    Quentin Maire
    Principal Supervisor: Margaret Secombe
    External Supervisor: Grant Rodwell
    External Supervisor: Vegneskumar Maniam

    Research Topic: "Policy analysis : International Students in South Australia Universities"
    Quentin Maire
    Ursula McGowanPrincipal Supervisor: John Willison
    Co-Supervisors: Margaret Secombe

    Research Topic: "Accelerating Academic Literacy Development Issues: Possibilities and Challenges for Integrating Scholarly Writing Development into Mainstream Curriculum in Australian Higher Education"
    Robert Matthews
    Anna MorozovPrincipal Supervisor: Caroline Guerin
    Arusyak Sevoyan

    Research Topic: "A Case Study of Ex-Usser Academic Immigrants in Australian Universities"
    Umi Mohd Salleh
    Pey Shin OoiPrincipal Supervisor: Ian Green
    Co-Supervisors:  Jennifer Rosevear
    External Supervisor: Francisco Ben

    Research Topic: "Measurement of Solo Music Performance Assessment and Examination of Factors Influencing Solo Music Performance Achievement in SA Senior Secondary Education"
    Pey Shin Ooi

    Christina SurmeiPrincipal Supervisor: John Willison
    Co-Supervisor: Igusti Darmawan
    External Supervisor: Fransisco Ben

    Research Topic: "Preschool Children's Ability to Identify Embarrassment and Pride in Others"
    Christina Surmei
    Joel TaylorPrincipal Supervisor: Tania Aspland
    Co-Supervisors: Chad Habel, Francisco Ben

    Research Topic: "An examination of the efficacy of a tertiary-level sampler course to better meet the educational needs of many from marginalised groups such as welfare dependent, NESB students and International ESC students"
    Joel Taylor
    Judith ThomasPrincipal Supervisor: Margaret Secombe
    Co-Supervisor: Nina Maadad

    Research Topic: "Implementations of Literacy Strategies to Facilitate Learning for Sudanese Students in the Secondary Schools"
    Judith Thomas
    Kenneth YoungPrincipal Supervisor: Tania Aspland
    Co-Supervisor: Anthony Potts

    Research Topic: "Preservice Teachers Perspectives of the Roles of Secondary School Teachers in Queensland"
    Kenneth Young
  • Doctor of Education
    Van Giang NgoPrincipal Supervisor: Michelle Picard
    Co-Supervisors: Caroline Guerin, Ian Green

    Research Topic: "Integrating ICT into Translation & Interpreting and Language Teacher Education"
    Van Giang Ngo
  • Master of Philosophy (Education)
    Imtiaz BughioPrincipal Supervisor: Michelle Picard
    Co-Supervisors: Julie Matthews

    Research Topic: "An Investigation of Developmental Process of The National Curriculum 2006 for English Language (Govt of Pakistan Ministry of Education, Islamabad): A Case Study of Grade I to V"
    Brett Allen-Bayes
    Jennifer StokesPrincipal Supervisor: Caroline Guerin
    Co-Supervisor: Chad Habel

    Research Topic: "Identifying and Addressing Student Needs: Enabling Program Perspectives"
    Jennifer	Stokes
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