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Professional Experience Placements

Information for Schools

Practical experience in schools is vital in developing good teachers. We specialise in providing student teachers to high schools in both metropolitan and country schools.

We are always seeking partnerships with schools to provide student teachers within your classrooms. We encourage you to be part of training the next generation of educators.

Student Placements

  • First Year

    5 days (Term Three) Primary School

    The first year students enroll into EDUC 1100 Introduction to Teaching and Learning. This course aims to develop a student's understanding of the Primary School environment in order to inform their practice in a Secondary School setting. It is of considerable value for Secondary School teachers to connect with Primary school colleagues in working towards successful outcome for students. 

    This placement is designed to be an interaction experience which benefits both student teachers and children in Primary Schools. Our students are encouraged to participate in classroom activities, work in small groups and one to one with students under the direction of the classroom teachers.

    This program has been designed with maximum flexibility both for the student teacher and the classroom teachers. Students and Mentor Teachers design a program that ensures that over term three (3), five full days, 10 half days or one full week or a combination of these are completed to meet the requirements of the course.

    Students Available: Term Three of the school year. Five (5) full days or ten (10) half days, a combination of days or one full week (often the first week of term three). All visits are to be completed by the end of term three of the school year.

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  • Second Year & Third Year

    Week One (Term 3) Regional Secondary School

    The second year EDUC 2001 Issues in Contemporary Education (2016 onward first year commencing B.Teach) and  third year EDUC 3002 Secondary Schools Interaction, (B.Teach students commencing prior to 2016) aims to develop a student's understanding of the Secondary School environment in order to inform their practice prior to their participation in the fourth year practicum program. It is of considerable value for secondary school teachers to observe and interact with both students and teachers in a secondary school setting.

    The placement will be at a South Australian regional school. Our partnership schools welcome our students, billeting many of them in their homes.

    The schools provide a comprehensive program of observation teaching opportunities and a chance to interact not just with students and teachers but also with the whole school community. Our country partnership schools look forward to our students time with them and the feedback is always extremely positive from the students, with many deciding they would like to apply for a country placement at the completion of their degree.

    The School of Education organises accommodation and transport to and from the schools and Adelaide. Many schools take a number of students, with not less than two placed at anyone school. Where possible students are accommodated via billets (arranged with the school) or hotel/caravan park sites.

    Students Available: First week of Term Three.

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  • Final Year/ Graduate Diploma (prior 2017 commencement)/Master of Education

    The Teachers Registration Board of South Australia requires all students to undertake a minimum number of weeks Professional Experience Placement (PEP) in order to register as a teacher. For students undertaking the 4th year of the Bachelor of Teaching or Master of Teaching this means 13 weeks FULL - TIME placement in a secondary school. For students undertaking the final year of the Graduate Diploma of Teaching this means 10 weeks FULL - TIME placement in a secondary school. This will be scheduled in two blocks within the dates given below. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure they are available during these times to complete their placement.

    DATES 2017:

    Term 2: 29th May to the 7th July (any 4 week block in this time period)
    Term 3: 24th July to the 29th September (any 9 week block in this time period)

    Professional experience placements are critically important to enable pre-service teachers to mesh theoretical and professional aspects of their education. Our pre-service teachers are keen to put to practice the knowledge gained throughout their degree and see the placements as the most exciting component of their degree program.

    Each placement must be undertaken as consecutive weeks of full time attendance in a secondary school. During the first placement, the pre-service teacher should have a teaching load of approximately 50% of a full time teaching load. For their second placement, it is expected that pre-service teachers will be teaching between 70% and 80% of a full time load.  Guidance is given by one or more school based Mentor Teachers and a University Liaison.

    The Professional Experience Team:
    Professional Placement Experience Coordinator
    Final Year Academic Coordinator

    For Site Coordinators and Mentor Teachers: Professional Experience Handbook

    The Handbook is divided into two sections:

    • Information for Site Coordinators and Mentor Teachers
    • Appendices, which include copies of the report templates

    A separate handbook is provided to pre-service teachers, this can be downloaded from here.

    Assessment of Pre-service Teacher Placements:
    Assessment of placements should be both summative and formative. The School of Education has developed easy to use rubrics to guide both the interim and final assessment of the pre-service teacher's placement.  All assessment is based on the Graduate Teacher Career Stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and should include:

    • Continuous feedback on individual classes to guide the pre-service teacher to improve their practice
    • An interim assessment (after the first week of teaching) to establish a baseline for reflection and improvement
    • Final report summarising the pre-service teacher's complete teaching performance.  The School expects pre-service teachers in their second placement to be working at the Graduate Teacher Career Stage.

    To allow pre-service teachers to demonstrate their capacity to develop towards these standards, there are differing expectations of the pre-service teacher depending whether it is their first or second placement in their final year. The final assessment templates have been developed to allow Mentor Teachers flexibility in the assessment process.

    The report templates can be downloaded from:

    We recommend that the reports be downloaded and saved before editing. Should you have any issues with the report templates, please contact 08 8313 5892.

    Additional Support and Development:
    Where a pre-service teacher is experiencing difficulties, it is recommended the Additional Support and Development process be commenced as soon as practical.  The University Liaison will assist School staff with this and will closely monitor the pre-service teachers progress.

    Independent Schools Payment Claims

    The Independent School Claim form should be completed and forwarded to the School’s Business Manager so that an invoice can be drawn up and sent to the School of Education for payment.

  • Insurance

    Student Placement Agreement

    In order to provide pre-service teachers with Public Liability, Travel and Person Accident Insurances, the University requires us to obtain a signed Student Placement Agreement.  Your school does not have to complete multiple copies of the agreement, this only needs to be completed once per year regardless of the number of pre-service teachers you host that year.

  • Contact
    For information with regards to hosting a pre-service teacher or if you have a concern with a pre-service teacher on placement, please contact the School of Education on 08 8313 0694.


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