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Graduates of our programs are confident in professionally enhancing learning outcomes for all students, young people and adults, and demonstrate a desire to engage in local and global community capacity building through education.

Recent Graduate Caterina Maiorana's Story

"During my 4th year, my first student-teacher placement was at Golden Grove High School. This opportunity allowed me to develop a fantastic rapport with staff and students. For the remainder of my 4th year, I stayed in contact with GGHS and as soon as I graduated they offered me a full-time contract position for Term 1. This lead to consistent temporary relief teaching and more short contracts at the school for the remainder of the year.

The following year they offered me a full-time contract for the whole year. I had 2 mainstream English classes but my main role was to facilitate Flexible Learning Options (FLO). This program is for the most at risk students who are highly disengaged with school and face various mental health issues. I loved my position, especially FLO, and I was fortunate to land a permanent position at Golden Grove High School.

Last year I was also nominated for Public School Teacher of the Year (Graduate) and early this year the school sent me to New Zealand for the International Conference of Thinking. Today, I have one English mainstream class and continue to facilitate the FLO program. FLO continues to grow and we have had many success stories with our students in the program.

I believe my achievements are because of the skills gained from The University of Adelaide."


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